Boxing Classes, Self-Defense Classes
& Fitness Classes in San Diego

Whether it’s learning to protect yourself, wanting to develop a fitness program in a fun and challenging boxing class, self-defense class or fitness class, Old School Boxing San Diego is the gym for you! Old School Boxing yields a high level of expertise in many areas of fitness and conditioning…who knows, you may even see some familiar faces in our facilities, like NFL stars and champions!

Gym memberships range from $65–$105 a month (all inclusive/6 days a week). We will soon be adding a virtual membership for only $12.99/Mo or $120.00/Yr.

This includes two workouts per week, two videos, one yoga workout and a selection of diets and nutrition tips for you to choose from. Diets come complete with calorie breakdown on all foods. Membership will also provide live video feed to the gym workout.

Boxing Classes

Old School Boxing is a family friendly gym that offers a diverse range of classes and personal training options. Kids 6yrs and older can learn the basics of boxing, self discipline, confidence and endurance. While our adult classes are broken up to accommodate the beginner with a challenging and fun workout and the competitive athlete an opportunity to take it to the next level! Personal one-on-one training with one of our highly experienced trainers is available for an additional charge (prices upon request).

Fitness Programs

Work with a certified personal trainer weekly. Hour-long sessions consist of instruction on the exercise equipment, and you can also participate in the body-shaping classes. Fitness programs are held Monday–Saturday and available for an additional charge (prices upon request).

Self-Defense Classes

Women can participate in a monthly self-defense class for $25. We keep the class sizes small, and you can find the next dates here on the website or posted in the gym's window. You can also arrange a self-defense class at your home for $150. This session can be one-on-one or for up to three students.

Nutrition Programs

Whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle mass, our highly experienced trainers at Old School Boxing can help you design a nutritional plan and diet to fit your lifestyle. Diets and nutritional advice are available on the website for those with gym membership.